Game Processing

We cut and wrap wild game as we have time during the fall, however our priority is beef, hogs and lambs.

Things we always take

  • Boneless trim for grinding
  • Clean boneless trim for processed products

Processed game products

  • Summer Sausage and Salami are not dried therefore they increase in weight from start to finish (seasoning, water, etc)
    • Summer Sausage $3.50 per lb finished weight
    • Salami $3.50 per lb finished weight
  • Jerky and Pepperoni are dried products and shrink in weight
    • Pressed Jerky $4 per lb start weight
    • jerky shrinks at a rate of 1# finished weight for every 3# starting
    • Pepperoni Sticks $4.50 per lb start weight
    • pepperoni shrinks at a 1# for every 2# starting weight

Grinding and wrapping

  • Grind only (no wrap) $.65 per lb
  • Grind and wrap 1# pkgs $.90 per lb
  • Grind and wrap 1 1/2# or larger pkgs $.80 per lb
  • Sausage seasoning $1.00 per lb + grind/wrap charge

Cutting and wrapping

  • Small Game (Deer, Antelope, Bear, etc.) $1.00 per lb. ($100 minimum)
  • Large Game (Elk, Moose, Bison,etc.) $1.00 per lb. ($150 minmum)